Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Monday, January 06, 2003

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Tuesday, June 04, 2002

The World Cup fever has caught me! I've gotten in to some betting to increase the fun further. Here's my first 10 kr.-bet which should result in a more than 500 kr. gain for me...

Onsdag 05.06.2002
08:30 CET World Cup 2002
International Russia vs. Tunisia 1 1.63

Onsdag 05.06.2002
13:30 CET World Cup 2002
International Germany vs. Rep. of Irland 1 1.83

Torsdag 06.06.2002
08:30 CET World Cup 2002
International Jon 1 goal 4.20

Fredag 07.06.2002
11:00 CET World Cup 2002
International Spain vs. Paraguay 1 1.75

Fredag 07.06.2002
08:30 CET World Cup 2002
International Sweden vs. Nigeria 1 2.53

Samlede væddemål : 55.47
Indsats (DKK) : 10.00
Mulig tilbagebetaling (DKK) : 554.7

Sunday, June 02, 2002

HAAAAAAAAAAA - World Cup is here to stay. The Danish 2-1 victory against Uruguay yesterday gives good hopes for the coming month. Big screen at work - and I have to buy the national team shirt now. Tomasson really surprised me by scoring 2 goals on 2 chances - normally he scores 1 for every 5 chances... A bit pissed, that this mornings match between Argentina and Nigeria is not available on any of my cable TV stations - luckily FIFA's very detailed MatchCast works now (it never worked during the opening game), and it's worth using during work hours.

Friday, May 31, 2002

Guide to trips out of Copenhagen from - truly a great idea to follow. The experience of summer is not the same in the middle of Copenhagen - better take a weekend trip away sometime...

Thursday, May 30, 2002

My blogging is inconsistent at the moment. Due to a lot of work and quite an amount of lazyness combined with fairly OK weather results in low-internet-use...but that's a good thing. Rather enjoy the summer than using all day at the keyboard.

Looking forward to another ecxiting weekend - particularly the first World Cup match with the Danish national team against Uruguay Saturday morning. Can we repeat the 6-1 victory from 1986 World Cup in Mexico???

Sunday, May 26, 2002

Here's the picture of Monzi - I found 3 of him on Photomotion but 0 of myself. Certainly yesterday was not my day. Think I'll try another marathon as soon as possible - it really irritates me not having finished this one. And yes, I know: My training haven't been that consistent, but I was ready...
Hrmpf - the weather today was perfect, 20 degrees celsius, sun shining and almost no wind, and I felt fine from the start. But my 5th Copenhagen Marathon turned out be less fun than the previous ones - and I didn't finish the run. From 14 km I had problems in my left foot and from 20 km I started limping. I continued the planned pace until 25 km, and ran another 5 km very slowly before I decided to stop at Trianglen (less than 1 km from my flat)... I don't wan't to finish in a bad time and risk damaging my foot. It's the first time I quit a marathon - strange feeling - but hopefully a wise decision! My friend Mogens - who expected to finish in 3 hours 15 minutes - actually overperformed and show up at the goal line in 3 hours 9 minutes. CONGRATULATIONS, Monzi...

Hope I'll be able to put out some pictures from the run one of the days. Until then see this picture from Langelinie and other Cph Marathon-pictures here.